PMBoK Guide 7th Explained

The new PMBOK® Guide has confused many Project Management Professionals on how the PMBoK 6 is still applicable to their project management effort. Many have attempted to explain the big picture, but “Richardo Vargas” video and method of explaining the 7th edition is the best resource even than the ones found on the PMI website.

PMBoK Guide 7th Explained

In our previous post about the changes with PMBoK 7th edition, we have explained how PMBoK 6th edition was upgraded to the PMIstandard+ online version. But unless the concept is not grasped, even PMP-certified project managers will be lost in understanding the importance of this enhancement.

If you join a Discipline Agile Scrum Master workshop, it gives a better indication of this revolutionary change in PMI Philosophy. You can find available courses from Peak Business Management and mention Dr. Harri Emari, PMP as your instructor to receive a 20% discount.

Get the Canvas for Free

Ricardo provides the Infographic available in many languages for free once you request it from his website from this link https://get.ricardo-vargas.com/pmbok7canvasen

Please get your copy and support his effort by joining his campaign. Visit his page at https://ricardo-vargas.com/

Ricardo Vargas Video

You can find Ricardo Varga’s YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/c/rvvargas