DASM for Construction PMP

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master Certificate or DASM for Construction PMP is not a trend or a topic as you might expect. However, this article will introduce you to this PMI certification and the benefits of using DASM for PMP in Construction.

As a PMP with over 20 years of experience in Construction and a recent Authorized Training Partner (ATP) with Project Management Institute for Disciplined Agile Scrum Master Certificate, I can tell you of the many benefits that come with a DASM Certification for a Construction PMP (CPMP). We will start with introducing the DASM Certification, then we will dive into the DASM for Construction PMP discussion.

What is the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master Certificate or DASM?

As many of you know, PMI has the PMI-ACP or Agile Certified Practitioner certification that has been around for many years. However, since acquiring Disciplined Agile in 2019 from Mark and Scott; it has been promoting a new philosophy in how it promotes Project Management for all industries and all circumstances.

The Disciplined Agile Delivery or DAD has fresh and agile thinking about Principles, Guidelines, and Promises it makes to its believers. As seen below, there are eight principles that seem to be easy and straightforward, but they create strong and forward-thinking mindsets. For example, the Delight Customers principle might seem to be a trivial thought or no point for discussion, however, if you are a PMP from version 5 or earlier, you would know that Gold Plating was a No-No in PMI Philosophy. The same goes for each of the Principles and Promises that reshape the PMP and DASM-certified mind to be the adaptable and welcome change in the rapidly fast-changing world we live in!

DASM for Construction PMP

As do many agree, the construction industry has been the sluggishest and slowest industry to adapt to new technology after the agriculture industry. The market size of the U.S. construction sector was valued at around 1.36 trillion U.S. dollars as of the end of 2020 and it cannot afford to be as old dated and archaic in its thinking. Adopting new technologies such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Lean & Manufacturing, Exoscalatons & Robotics, and many many other digital transformation initiatives for Construction 4.0 will not be achievable with the current Construction Professional Mindset.

The first thing that the Construction industry is still struggling with is Integrated Project Delivery or IPD thinking. There have been so many different Models and LifeCycles available to deliver construction projects that CPMPs have challenges in agreeing on the best and most suitable for their project. DASM for Construction will teach the PMPs that there is no one size fits all and you could have as many different varieties as you please, however, the goal is to move into a Lean-Agile mindset similar to manufacturing operation. A Lean-Agile-IPD will be achieved after several iterations by the key stakeholders as they continuously improve the cycle and avoid reinventing the wheel for every construction project!

DASM Process Blades for Construction

An interesting shift from PMBoK ITTOs has been the adoption of agile thinking to use a Process Blades grouping for Construction Processes. Instead of forcing every team to complete a Project Management Plan using the ten knowledge areas, PMI is giving its users the choice to pick the processes that fit best to their needs and organization. This said it doesn’t mean that process-oriented thinking is going away. As a matter of fact, the PMBoK 6th Edition has been converted to a digital resource as PMIstandards+ with interactive details and templates.

DASM Certification for Construction

Although PMI has achieved a reputation as a Project Management Professional go-to solution, DASM Certification is more than just a credential to prove your competency in the subject. As a Project Management Professional, each PMP is urged to apply the framework and mindset to their methodology. Therefore, Dr. Emari, PMP has incorporated the recommendations from Choosing Your Way of Work into his Quality Project Management Office Framework and Construction Quality Management Methodology. If you are interested to learn how to apply the same to your industry and organization, join him in his next class. DASM Bootcamps are two-day workshops held on Saturdays that prepare you for the exam and give you the knowledge to pursue this path.

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