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  • Understand PMI Philosophy

  • Accept code of ethics and professional conduct

  • Attend 35-hours of PMP Exam Preparation

  • Waterfall PMP and Agile DASM

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We are in process of creating a PMI 24/7 TV station that would interact with PMI leading professionals and prospective project managers in Live discussion groups on Zoom and Clubhouse.  If you are interested to join and contribute please add your comments here.

Who is a CPMP?

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Construction Engineering & Management

  • Safety and Quality Supervisions

  • Business and Strategic Management

  • Interpersonal Skills for Team Building

  • Sustainability, Innovations & Technologies

  • IPD Integrated Project Delivery


Methodologies & Technologies Used

  • PMBoK




  • LEAN Construction

  • CQM & CII

  • LEED, System Thinking & IPD

Developing a Successful Program

CPMP Program

Are you ready for the Future?

Implement Change Management Projects for Research & Development in AEC Industry 


Apply PMBoK to Construction Projects

Apply PMBoK to Construction Projects

You are asked to apply PMBoK as Construction Project Management Professional on a new project, where do you start?

PMBoK starts the 10 knowledge areas with a chapter called Integration Management. There are experts in every other knowledge area that could assist the Project Manager except the coordination, communication, and integration of all project management efforts performed by the PMP as discussed in the Integration Management chapter!

Per PMI’s Construction Extension, the main interpersonal skills of a CPMP in a project are Leading, communicating, negotiating and problem solving issues as they arise during the completion of the Project Management processes.

Top Video

PMBoK Guide 7th

PMBoK 7th edition has not be explained better than the way Ricardo Vargas has done on this video.


You are invited to watch his explanation here:

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Basic Knowledge of Civil & Environmental Engineering based on Civil Engineering Book of Knowledge v. 3 recommendations

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Based on the Doctorate of Business Administration developed as Post-MBA program for Engineers and Construction Managers

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Quality Project Management Program based on CQM Methodology is a "Robust” System!

Mike Quint, DTE

Professional Quality Managers are "Elite Construction Project Managers", using the CQM Methodology will get you there!

Laura Suter, AECON

Taking the Business of Engineering Course introduced me to all MBA Topics and how they apply to Construction Contractors!

Ranjani Nainala, WSU

Enthusiastic instructors, very insightful and beneficial Lectures. I'm enlightened with new ideas at every event!

Besher Alsbiei, PMA

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